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Just went to the Brooks and Dunn tonight. I had seats on the floor I took my 6 year old we were having a great time until MATT a employee of schottenstein center went by and told my 6 year old he could not stand on the chair. I seen other people on chairs and they said nothing to them.

Everyone was standing the only way my kid could see is if he was standing on the chair (people around said that was crazy they told my kid to stand on the chair, lady I sat next to told me that her kids stand on the chairs all the time and they never have said anything to them.)

I would be OK with having my child sitting if they would have not let people stand right in front of us I paid 398.00 for two tickets and my kid didn't have any fun. I will never go back there again even if it was FREE my kid fell asleep about 30 minute before the show ended I had family there they were sitting somewhere else I called my bother in-law to come and carry my 54 lb 6 year old he was on his way to where I was sitting and the staff told me that I needed to hurry up and start heading for the door there was other people still sitting in there chairs I told them that my bother in law was coming down the stairs to carry my kid they told me I would have to get up and head to the door they could not work around me I think that the staff there are raciest I forgot my kid was the mixed one there. I was at a country concert and my kid loves country but I will never go back I can see why they are not making money with staff like that they will never make it. If you go there for something don't sit on the floor its a rip off.

I bought my tickets from stub hub love them never ever had any problems

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me and my wife took our 6 year old daughter last thrusday to the lady Gaga concert we choose floor sits.i put my daughter on my shoulders so she could see.i was punched 5 times stuck with keys my daughter was hit my wife was yelled at and grabbed by some lady telling her we were bad parents.i will never return there again.

to father of a 6 yearold #724174

Maybe they were mad you inconsideratly placed your kid on your shoulders and blocked the view of other paying individuals. Secondly, your choice to take your 6 year old to a Lady Gaga concert clearly shows your continued bad judgment. -Concerned Parent

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